6.7L 2017 Thunderbolt Gauge Price: $999.00

Add the power of a Thunderbolt Gauge to your 2017 6.7L with  levels up to an additional  200 RWHP!  The Thunderbolt is not only a tuner, but an electronic gauge package. You can choose from hundreds of OBD II signals and can display up to six PIDs at a time on the 2.4" color touch screen. The TBolt Gauge also has data logging capabilities storing the recordings on the included SD card for easy transfer to your laptop or desktop computer. Have a check engine light on? The TBolt Gauge can also read and clear DTCs. The tuner also has the ability to allow you to change transmission firmness levels with any of the engine power levels.

Engine Power Levels
Stock Power
Heavy Tow    25HP
Tow    50HP
Light Tow    75HP
Performance    100HP
Perf Plus    125HP
Race    150HP
Extreme Race (Coming Soon)    200HP
*****Numbers RWHP over stock*****
All power levels remove the speed limiter and have matching transmission levels
Transmission Firmness Levels
Extreme Firm


Note: The Thunderbolt Gauge comes with emissions present tuning only. TBolt Gauge with competition tuning can be found HERE.

Thunderbolt Gauge Functions:

    User configurable digital gauges
    Display up to 6 PIDs at a time
    Pick from hundreds of OBD2 signals (varies with model year)
    Record log files to Micro SD Card
    Programmable warning lights
    Read / Clear DTCs

Additional Hardware Features:

    2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD
    Resistive touch screen
    Touch stylus included
    Micro SD Card
    2 Analog inputs
    6 Programmable LEDs
    Chrome bezel
    Brushed aluminum overlay
    Fits 3 gauge hole sizes
    Adapter Ring Included
    T-Slot for pedestal mounting
    Thin design to save space
    Auto Sleep / Wake with ignition
    RS232 and CAN expansion Port
    Light Sensor with auto dimming
    Firmware update thru USB or Micro SD card
    2 High Speed CAN Channels


Full TBOLTgauge setup and configuration manual can be found HERE.